• SEO Tactics While Using Structure Of WordPress Permalink

    SEO Tactics While Using Structure Of WordPress Permalink

    In fact you must know SEO tactics while using structure of WordPress permalink. Now you might think what an SEO friendly URL is and how can you create it? How will you configure an SEO permalink at WordPress. If you optimize your website URL then this could be the easiest SEO tasks that you can configure. At the same time this could be an essential step that you should take to make sure that your website is friendly with the task search engine optimization. If you are using WordPress or any other SEO friendly content management system then you will require optimizing the URL of your website.

    Let us begin with some basic terms that will assist you to understand what you should aspire to achieve. What is a URL? A URL is short form of the term Uniform Resource Locator. In simple language a URL tells you the web address of any web or blog page. Each and every web page on the web has a unique and outstanding URL. The uniqueness of a URL is achieved with the help of a domain name. Two parts together form the unique URL of a page. Thus the URL of a single page has two components. The first one is the domain which is not configurable and the second component is the path to find the webpage inside the domain. It should be noted that no two pages within a website domain can have a similar URL

    What is an SEO friendly URL? This kind of URL correctly describes the page by making use of those keywords that are easy to understand for both users and search engines. During the first step to make your URL friendly to the concept of search engine optimization is to make use of popular keywords that may prove relevant to the content of your website or blog. You can use dates as a part of your blog or website URL. You can also include and display category before the name of your web based post. Let us understand why SEO friendly URL is essential:-

    1) SEO friendly URLs enhance the web browsing experience of a user. SEO is all about making the web users experience easy and better to understand the URLs both by search engine and human spiders as a nice indication about what the web page is all about.

    2) An SEO ranking factor matters a lot for creating an SEO based permalink. Google has managed many years to become better and more efficient when we talk of URL interpretation. Today most content management systems are SEO optimized web addresses. Still they depend on SEO ranking factor. Although it is a minor SEO factor that shows many pages on first position on Google search engine rankings.

    If you have WordPress themes free then  you will have to know well about rules of search engine optimization. We  can create SEO optimized URLS  in many ways. We have already mentioned above that the first part of URL is the domain name. This part cannot be configured by anyway. Once you become the owner of a domain name you will have to use it without making any kind of changed in it. Thus we suggest you to choose a good domain name right from the beginning. A good domain name must not have more than 3 to 4 words. It should have catchy title.

    Whenever you use a WordPress permalink then you should make use of SEO tactics. Search engine optimization can help you well in creating SEO friendly URLs to get your website indexed on top rankings on search engines. You can know more about this from our SEO team. 

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